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Halloween Horror Night is a movie project that wishes to pay homage to the 80s slasher genre and represents both the American and Italian cinema, trying to update the concept, the development and the end.


The movie tells about the misadventures of a series of characters, apparently not connected to one another, who join he “horror night” party in a little lonely village on Halloween, a party which became famous not only for the great music but also for the peculiar activities which it offers.

 Once they arrive at the party the situation soon begins to worsen into a fall down to hell, arranged by an unexpected puppeteer.


The movie plot, still in the writing process, has as the main the goal to start from the classic standards of horror movies up to achieve the ambition to update to today’s audience ( which is smarter compared to forty years ago), combining nostalgia and affection for a certain kind of movie together with an actual and funny entertainment.

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